On Site Contracting

2413 Main Street
Springfield, NH 03284


Building dreams.


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Affordable Website by Lulu Web Design, Vermont

SOLD: Jones Hill Road, Enfield, NH

3bd/2.5ba/1800 sq ft. Sold in 2010

SOLD: Springfild, NH

3bd/2.5ba/1700 sq ft. Sold in 2009

SOLD: New Aldrich, Grantham, NH

4bd/3.5ba/2100 sq ft. Sold in 2010

SOLD:  Oak Hill Rd, Springfield, NH

3bd/2.5ba/2200 sq ft. Sold in 2010

SOLD: Stocker Pond, Grantham, NH

3bd/2,5ba/1700 sq ft. Sold in 2010

SOLD: Nutting Road, Sunapee, NH

4bd/2.5ba/1800 sq ft. Sold in 2010

SOLD:  Bog Road, Enfield, NH

3bd/2.5ba/1700 sq ft. Sold in 2009

SOLD:  New Aldrich, Grantham, NH

4bd/2.5ba/3200 sq ft. Sold in 2011


The Kopec First Floor
The Kopec Second Floor

The Ledger

The Rowley Front Elevation
The Rowley First Floor
The Rowley Second Floor

The Bradford Front Elevation
The Bradford First Floor
The Bradford Second Floor

The Flater Front Elevation
The Flater First Floor
The Flater Second Floor

The Hazelton First Floor
The Hazelton Second Floor

The Holt First Floor
The Holt Second Floor

The Lewis First Floor

The Nightingale Front Elevation
The Nightingale First Floor
The Nightingale Second Floor

The Phillips Front Elevation
The Phillips First Floor
The Phillips Second Floor

The Rines Front Elevation
The Rines First Floor
The Rines Second Floor

The Susan Front Elevation
The Susan First Floor
The Susan Second Floor