On Site Contracting Building Process

Now that you have decided to build with On Site, there are some details that will be helpful for you to know. Please keep this and refer to it for necessary information.

Building a home can be stressful, we try to minimize this for our buyers, but not every problem can be avoided. Read about what is included in the home, and always ask questions, and get clarification if you don’t understand something. Communication will make things easier through the next few months.

First we will meet with you to design a floor plan and go over the details of your home. Once your plan has been finalized, you will sign off on it and make a Non-Refundable deposit to On Site Contracting. The standard Deposit is $20,000.00 This will be deducted from the total sale price of your home. If On Site will be purchasing a piece of land for your home, the deposit amount may be higher, and due prior to On Site purchasing a lot specifically for you. Prior to making your deposit, you will need to provide a letter from your lender, that insures you have been pre- approved for a mortgage. Your home will qualify for FHA/VA and Conventional Mortgages.

Immediately after Signing off on the floor plans, you must make an appointment with Bensons Lumber and Hardware. They are the supplier for your kitchen, carpeting, siding, doors, hardware for doors, windows, and shingles. Scott Slade is the Sales person for everything other than the kitchen. CALL SCOTT FIRST! Make an appointment to meet with the kitchen Dept. immediately. Benson’s Lumber 603-432-9863 It is important to do this quickly so that when the house is ready for these items, there is no delay for delivery. Bring your final floor plan to these appointments. If you spend more than your allowance, on any allowance items, you will be responsible for payment at the time of ordering. No orders will be placed without prior payment.

Once your foundation has been poured, you may contact the Plumber and Electrician. They will go over any details about fixtures, and placement with you. If you are adding anything that is not included in the package, you will pay them directly at the time of ordering. On Site will provide you the contact info for these people when it is time to contact them.

On Site Contracting has been building affordable, quality homes for 20+ years. While sometimes things happen because of weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, or issues may not be avoidable, but will be corrected as soon as possible. If you visit the site often, you may see water, mud, debris, etc… This is not how your home will be left! Work can be interrupted by un-predictable conditions, and will resume as soon as possible! Be patient….

Your Yard will be graded, seeded and loamed prior to closing. If your home is finished in the winter, On Site will return as soon as it is dry enough to complete the site work. Late June is usually the earliest depending on the weather.

Do not schedule inspections with lenders or home inspectors until the project is finished. You may end up paying for multiple visits to the house if inspectors need to make multiple visits.

Allowances, and included items

1. Yard, Stumps cleaned up, Seed and loam of areas immediately around house disturbed by construction.  This does not include debris that is down in the wooded areas outside the immediate building area. Builder provides seed and loam one time.


2. Driveway, Bluestone. (Paving not included. )

3. Pressure treated steps, railing for 3 or more risers


4. 3 Br. Septic included ( Upgrade to 4 Br. Septic is $500.00)


5. Well Allowance: Includes 400 ft. depth, line from well to house, ½ HP pump, 40ft. steel casing, water tank in basement.( Any additional cost incurred, is the responsibility of the buyer, and to be paid At the time well is drilled)

NOTE: Well water to meet Town standard necessary to obtain Certificate of Occupancy. Builder is responsible to supply Bacteria free water & does not accept any responsibility for any softeners/filtration system required or recommended to satisfy buyer or lender.


6. Plumber will provide info for sinks, faucets, basin, toilet, tub, shower brand and descriptions. These items are included in the price of your home unless you upgrade. If you upgrade, you will pay the difference at time of order.

7. Appliance: buyer purchases own appliances, coordinates delivery, Additional costs may be incurred depending on requirements of your specific units. Water line to fridge, and dishwasher are provided. Appliances not included


8. Heating System- FHW /FHA Propane system is included (your choice) 2 Zones. If you choose to have the tank buried, the site prep charge is $600.00 This does not include any additional cost from the supplier to set lines, deliver tanks, etc….


10. $5,000.00 kitchen and bath cabinet allowance $2,000.00 counter top allowance.  You will purchase these at Bensons Lumber.  Any amount above allowance is the responsibility of the buyer, at the time of ordering. Orders will not be placed without payment.


10. Flooring, Upstairs and stairway, $18.00 Sq. Yd. allowance.  All bathrooms include a basic builder select tile. If you upgrade, credit can be given and you can pay the difference. Carpet is ordered at Benson’s. Tile can be purchased anywhere if upgraded, and wood floors will be purchased by builder.

11.  Buyer is responsible for purchasing all lighting, and delivering to house when requested by electrician. Electrician will call you to meet prior to starting the electrical rough so that you can discuss anything that you would like, that is over, and above the basic wiring package.  Package includes 200 amp service. 220 volt range and dryer receptacles. All electrical per local code, 3 phone/cable jacks, smoke detectors on all floors per code, 2 GFI outdoor receptacles. Electrician may charge additionally to install ceiling fans. If there are additional charges to the electrician, buyer will pay him direct.


12. Paint, Interior walls 2 coats flat latex, trim, 2 coats semi-gloss latex. Additional charges apply for any color changes. Cost will be determined by number of paint colors and additional labor for painting.


13. 30 yr. shingles, and vinyl siding included. Shutters on front of house, included,  additional shutters $55.00 additional standard windows can be added for $350.00 each


Care for, and Enjoy your New Home!

Once the house is yours, you will need to pay attention to details about your house. In the summer, water your new grass! It is not the responsibility of On Site Contracting to come back and re-seed your lawn. On Site Contracting is also not responsible for heavy rain washing away grass seed. If your basement is damp, get a dehumidifier use it, and empty it accordingly. Don’t let ice dams build on your roof in the winter, On Site Contracting is not responsible for roof leaks due to snow and ice collecting on the roof. If you install rain gutters, have them direct the water away from your house, not towards the foundation. It is prudent to keep all ground water running away from your foundation. We live in New England! If your blue stone driveway washes away, because of bad weather, it is not the responsibility of On-Site Contracting to continue to maintain it.

You have a 1year warranty on your home. Call Mark @ On site Contracting if you need something 603-660-0866. Keep in mind, he will coordinate repair people like electricians, plumbers, painters, etc. based on their availability and home MUST be made reasonably available to workers. Emergency issues will take precedence. If you hire your own professionals for a warranty issue prior to consulting with On-Site, it may void your warranty for that item and you will be responsible for payment to the individual you hired.